roman gladiators
Roman Gladiator School
roman gladiators
The first Roman Arena in the USA...
now available for you to become a Roman Gladiator!!

roman arenaBe ready wanna be Roman Gladiators... I'm building in those days the first Roman Arena in the U.S.A. after the one built for the movie Spartacus (with Kirk Douglas)... an exact replica from the original gladiator school of Capua that it will become the Spartacus Gladiator School!!! 60 feet diameter, an imperial podium 9 feet high... a training area, a fighting area... the next month of November the arena will be completed... and the school will be open to the public (for appointment only).
Located in Northwest Arizona... I want to bring a piece of the Ancient Rome to you!
Come back to see this page... very soon we will update pics to share with you of the Roman Arena...
I wish you victory and success!!
Spartacus from Rome

spartacus and brutus

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