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So you wanna become a Roman Gladiator?

Like for every thing you should consider to go to School!
Welcome to my Roman Gladiator School...
the first virtual gladiator school on the web!

Stay tuned.
Very soon we will start on line the first web gladiator lessons...

Here the different topics we will teach:

#1 we will see together the training gladiator sword...
called Rudis and all the different type of gladiators armours and weapons!

#2 Basic Defense positions with the gladius to simulate safe but realistic gladiator's fights!!

#3 Basic Attack positions with the gladius or any short sword.

#4 How to use The trident and net... become a Retiarius!

#5 How to use the shield... defensive weapon but not only!

#6 Build your fight show... spectacular but safe !

#7 Safety tips using real gladiator weapons...

#8 Work out and eat like a Roman Gladiator! From the Ancient Books let work out as they used to do 2000 years ago in the Ancient Rome!

#9 Advanced fighting techniques...
with short swords and more!

#10 Fighting Figures to memorize...

#11 Retiarius against Mirmillus

#12 Oplomacus against Thracian

#13 Ready for the Arena (the art of improvising)

For reservation and info: Spartacus

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