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Spartacus from Rome

Do you really care to know about my life?
If you do... send me an email... and I'll will send my bio...
I will tell you how from the Colosseum of Rome I came to America and became
the only Roman Gladiator Cook in the World!


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Some of my Media Appearances as Spartacus, the only Roman Gladiator Cook from Italy:

Game Channel Network - Extreme Gong - Performing as the only Roman Gladiator Cook, making Pizza while singing Rock'N Roll

NBC Network - To tell the Truth - The original Gladiator Cook, competing with 2 imitators

KTLA Warner Bros Network - Change of Heart Show

KTLA Warner Bros Network - Secrets

Los Angeles Times Newspaper (USA)

Classic Rock 92.9 KISM with Rockfish & Cash
(Seattle Washington and Vancouver Canada)]

Kool 92.9FM - KFSO-Fresno California, Clear Channel

97.1 FM Talk Radio St. Louis Missouri with Dave Glover

Esquire Magazine pag 1 - pag 2 February 2004 (USA)

Panorama Magazine (Italy)

La Repubblica Newspaper (Italy)

Il Messagero Newspaper (Italy)


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